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Wondering which system would work best for your customer? Or what to expect in the way of installation, training, and product support?

We will help you every step of the way, from system planning and installation through ongoing product support and maintenance.

At Continuum, we're always looking for ways to add extra value to our product line. One of the ways we accomplish this is through a large network of resellers, integrators, and suppliers. These are our business partners.

Located nationwide and throughout the world, our resellers and suppliers provide a variety of products and services including proprietary software, hardware and software enhancements, system integration experience, and specific market expertise. Many have expert knowledge in multiple applications and computing platforms.

As you well know, an abundance of hardware platforms, operating systems, and databases are in use today. That's why we've built such a knowledgeable and trustworthy group of resellers. We want to make sure you have the expertise you need no matter what type of computing platform you use.

Our business partners work closely with us to help clients in all types of businesses. In some cases, they bring additional expertise to industries we've long served. In other cases, they offer extensive knowledge in fields that are new to us.

By integrating their software and market expertise with our products, resellers help our customers get the most out of their data collection system requirements. In fact, this team of business partners is as committed to your success. Working together, we come up with new and better way to serve our customers. Our goals are the same: to help you increase productivity and profitability with accuracy.

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